Available in 500ml Bottles

Westons Medium Sweet

Our Henry Westons range is made using Herefordshire’s finest apples.

New Vision Imports | Vietnam Westons Medium Sweet Cider 500ml Bottles

As with all our other ciders, Henry Westons is faithful to the art of cider making established by Henry Weston himself at the Westons Cider Mill back in 1880. Traditional and steeped in heritage, this cider is a firm favorite amongst the current day Westons family, so much so they proudly place the name and portrait of Henry Westons on every bottle.

Made using exclusive and original recipes from traditional varieties of cider apples.  Fully matured in old oak vats where they develop their special character and flavour.

Henry Westons Medium Sweet       4.5% ABV

Medium-sweet and light-bodied with characteristic fruity sweetness.

Made from many traditional bittersweet cider apple varieties ensuring a rich fruity character.

Fully matured in old oak vats to develop its very special character and flavour. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

Its light body and fruity sweetness makes this sparkling cider easy to drink on its own or enjoyed with Asian food such as spicy chicken or pork dishes.


Available in: 500ml Bottles